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Agapanthus – Friend or Foe?

"A good garden may have some weeds" - Thomas Fuller

Agapanthus,  or African Lily,  is a very popular landscaping plant in Australia,  and it’s easy to see why.  It’s tough, ever-green and prolific!

There are a growing number of varieties of agapanthus,  ranging from the common blue and white,  to the deep black of “Black Pantha” and dwarf specimens,  such as “Peter Pan”.

Agapanthus is a useful plant to define edges,  such as driveways and paths.  Originating from Africa,  it copes well with the heat of full sun.  I use agapanthus along the fenceline at my place to add interest at the base of an otherwise boring paling fence.

Agapanthus flowers in early Summer,  creating an amazing display for several weeks.  Be sure to remove the spent flower heads (who wants to looks at dead flowers anyway?)  as agapanthus can be invasive and the seeds can be a real problem in our native bushland.  The strappy lower leaves also have a tendency to yellow,  and these should be pulled out to maintain the look of lush healthy plants.

Once you’ve invested in a few agapanthus,  you’ll need never buy them again.  The clumps in which they grow can be readily divided and distributed elsewhere in the garden.  Split the plants with a sharp spade,   trim the fleshy root mass and leaves and dig them into their new home. They are sure to settle in happily.