The Berry Cottage Gardener

The Berry cottage gardener

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About the Berry Cottage Gardener

I was very lucky to inherit a green thumb from my Mum.  Yet while I always appreciated the beautiful gardens Mum created, it took me a long time to actually want to get my own thumbs dirty!

I graduated as a veterinary surgeon twenty years ago, and for the first half of my career lived a fairly nomadic existence, working across Australia and the UK.  It was only when I secured a job in the tiny seaside town of Deal in Kent (the Garden of England, fittingly!) that my passion for gardening truly developed.  Finally free from the grimy flats of Birmingham and Manchester, my new home had a tiny courtyard which I gradually filled with hollyhocks, foxgloves, roses and annuals.  England was a fine environment for a novice gardener – there was an abundance of inspiring gardens to visit, no scorching days to burn tender leaves, and of course, I could always rely on a steady supply of rain!

Upon returning to Australia, I landed a job in Berry, the town of trees.  I bought my first home here, a modest cottage on 640sqm.  While internal renovations made for a more comfortable house, it was only when I turned my attention to the outside that I realised it’s the garden that truly makes a home.

Nowadays I am absolutely passionate about gardening – studying, reading, and most importantly, getting my hands dirty, as often as I can.

Gardening connects us back with the earth.  It’s beauty, sunshine, exercise, fresh air, organic food with no air miles…There’s truly no place I’d rather be!